What is a Friend Widget?

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Learning all of the aspects of a referral program may seem overwhelming, and one of those aspects might be wondering how a Friend Widget works. In this article, we'll help you understand this widget and how it helps run your referral program.

What is the purpose of a Friend Widget?

The Friend Widget's main purpose is to distribute the Referral Incentive to the Referred Friend. This widget is used in most of our referral implementations, as it allows for the Friend Incentive to be hidden behind one of our Fraud Checks--which prevents potential self-referrers from receiving their own referrals, as well as checking to see if the customer would qualify for the incentive.

Where does a Friend Widget appear in the referral flow?

A Friend Widget is where a Referred Friend will be taken to upon clicking a personal referral link (pURL) or a Shared Email. A Friend Widget will look something like the following:

What happens after a customer enters their information into the widget?

Once a customer has entered their information, our system will check to see if the customer has been referred by a customer on your site, or if they've tried to bypass our system. Our system will also check to see if the customer qualifies for the referral offer, such as if there is a requirement where the referred visitor must be a new customer. If everything checks out--the customer will be taken to a screen where either an incentive is displayed, or the incentive is emailed to the customer!

What happens if a customer fails the Fraud Checks?

If a customer has been detected as a self-referral, they will be taken to the Self-Referral redirect that has been set up in your widget settings. This may look something like the following:

If a customer does not qualify for the referral offer, they may receive a message like the following:

Where can I see the list of Email Captures in the Friendbuy platform?

This can be found under Analytics > Reports > Friend Incentives within the platform, where you can see the status of Friend Incentive distribution, and whether or not the referred customer qualified for the offer.

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