Send a Triggered Text to Prompt a Referral After a Positive Review with Attentive and Okendo

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How to Trigger a Text Message Encouraging a Referral After A Positive Review

One of the best times to ask advocates to share your brand with friends is immediately after they have had a positive experience. In addition to This could be right after they make a purchase, receive the product in the mail, or provide a positive review.

With Friendbuy's integration with Attentive and Okendo, you can automatically send a text message inviting your customers to refer after they've provided a positive review.

Note: This integration requires that you have accounts with Friendbuy, Attentive and Okendo. If you're not already a Friendbuy customer, book a meeting to discuss how Friendbuy's integrations with Attentive and Okendo can work for you.


First, create a Segment for customers who have provided positive reviews through Okendo
  1. In your Attentive account, navigate to Segments
  1. Click the yellow Create Segment button
  1. Select Dynamic Segment from the list
  1. From the subscriber conditions dropdown, select A Subscribers' Characteristics

  1. Under Custom Attributes select Okendo Latest Review Rating

  1. Choose review scores you'd like to include in this subscriber segment. The example below includes 4 or 5 and then click Create.
  1. Name your Segment and click Save
Next, create a Journey to trigger a text message when new users are added to your new Segment
  1. Navigate to Journeys
  1. Click + Create Journey
  1. Choose Custom Journey from the journey template
  1. Choose the journey trigger Okendo Review Created and then click Continue
  1. Select Send a message about something else when Attentive asks what the journey is for. Then click Get Started.
  1. In the journey flow, add a Branch and then select What segment the subscriber is in from the Branch Conditions dropdown.
  1. Select the Segment you created from the Dropdown. Example Segment: Okendo - Customers Who Provided Positive Reviews. Then click Apply selection.
  1. The segment will now appear in the journey. Next, click the black + sign on the bottom of the flow and select Send text message
  1. Design your message in the text message editor and click Save.
  1. Once the message has been created, select End journey
  1. When you're ready, Turn On your new journey!

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