Shopify Integration

How to Enable the Shopify Integration

Friendbuy integrates with Shopify, offering a seamless connection between its referral and loyalty programs and Shopify's platform. This integration facilitates several key functionalities: Referral…


Shopify Checkout Extensibility

If your transitioning to Shopify Checkout Extensibility, please be aware of the following important updates and adjustments: New Tracking Method: Shopify has shifted its purchase tracking system to P…


Checkout Extensibility - Shopify Pixel Tracking

To facilitate accurate purchase tracking in Shopify Checkout Extensibility, Friendbuy utilizes Shopify Pixel tracking technology. Shopify Pixels are deployed to collect and transmit customer data eff…


Shopify Theme App Embed

Shopify Theme App Embeds are tools that integrate apps directly into a Shopify store's theme. They allow for seamless addition of user authentication features, like login forms and account management…