How to Manually Remove Credit from a Customer's Account

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This feature allows you to view a summary of total credit a customer has earned, as well as the ability to manually remove credit from their account as needed.
This feature is only available for merchants who leverage Friendbuy's Account Credit service as a reward type

Instructions for Removing Credit

Step 1

Navigate to Customer Service > Customer Look Up

Step 2

Enter an email address into the search field

Step 3

View the total balance of account credit

A Customer ID needs to be provided in order to adjust credit balance.

Step 4

Click Adjust Credit

Step 5

Choose Remove Credit from the dropdown menu, enter in the amount of credit you'd like to remove and enter in the reason for removing the credit. Then, click Remove Credit

Step 6

You will see a screen that asks you to confirm the decreased account credit balance. Click confirm.

Step 7

You will see a success message that provides the amount of credit that has been removed and the email address of the customer

Once credit has been removed, this adjusted credit amount will be reflected on the Customer's account dashboard and checkout page widget that displays available credit

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