How to Integrate Friendbuy with CartHook

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Leverage Friendbuy with CartHook to persist referral attribution when a customer purchases using CartHook's Post Purchase Offers App for Shopify customers.

Important note: This integration is supported through an advanced setup that requires developer resources. In order to ensure current and ongoing compatibility, you must thoroughly test the custom scripts before officially implementing them into your store. Adjustments to the custom scripts may be required depending on your store's unique setup or updates from CartHook. It is each store's responsibility to test, maintain, and modify custom scripts. We do not control nor are notified of changes made to CartHook's products. Please contact if you are in need of additional help.

Note: This integration requires a CartHook account and a Friendbuy account. If you're not already a Friendbuy customer, book a meeting to discuss how Friendbuy and CartHook can work for you.

CartHook Instructions

First, to learn more about the integration setup, please read CartHook's Documentation.

Friendbuy Instructions

Second, when setting up your Advocate Reward and Friend Incentive within the Friendbuy platform, within the Validation sections, be sure to select No for the setting: Would you like Friendbuy to validate referred Friend Purchases with Shopify?*

If Yes is selected, all Advocate Rewards and Friend Incentives will be rejected becuase Friendbuy will not be able to validate Purchases with Shopify.

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